AMmobile: Sales Tracker

Overall Features

  • iPad compatibility
  • iPhone compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Live Sync with your AccountMate Data
  • Does not Consume AccountMate User Licenses
  • All Your Data Stays on Your Hardware
  • Subset of AccountMate Data Stored Locally for Increased Efficiency & Offline Data Access

AccountMate Module

  • Manage Users and Devices
  • Assign Users Rights with a Comprehensive List of User Restrictions
  • Erase iPad AccountMate Data Remotely
  • Filter Customers Sent to Each User
  • Filter Inventory Sent to Each User
  • Maintain Miscellaneous Codes

Sales Trends

  • View Top 10 Customers by Customer, Territory or Class
  • View Top 10 Items by Item, Product Line or Class
  • View Top 10 Salespeople
  • View Top 10 Increase or Decrease in sales
  • Drilldown to see even more detail

Task Management

  • Add items to your To Do List
  • See what you need to do today
  • Receive alerts
  • Integrate with your calendar
  • Assign tasks to your team members
  • Define your own types of tasks
  • Associate tasks with a customer, contact, transaction, and other tasks
  • Add attachments

Leads, Prospects, & Customers

  • Edit & View Lead, Prospect, and Customer Information
  • Store Leads & Prospects outside of AccountMate
  • Track the source and status of Leads & Prospects
  • Call contacts directly from within AMmobile (iPhone only)
  • Easily Search for a Customer
  • View Customer’s Address on a Map
  • Quickly Get Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Add Notes using Voice Recognition
  • View Up-to-Date Transaction Summary and Detail Information
  • View Historical Transactions
  • Manage attachments on Leads, Prospects, and Customers
  • Manage tasks on Leads, Prospects, and Customers
  • Advanced filtering and sorting capability

Quoting & Ordering

  • Create Quotes & Orders
  • Approve Quotes
  • View and Sort Transaction List
  • Easily Search for a Transaction
  • View Previously Shipped, Unshipped, and Current Shipment Quantities
  • Add Quote & Order Remarks using Voice Recognition
  • Email Quotes, Orders, and Invoices
  • Capture Signatures
  • Manage attachments on transactions
  • Manage tasks on transactions
  • Advanced filtering and sorting capability


  • Easily Search for an Inventory Item
  • View Multi-level Pricing
  • View On-Hand, On-Order, Booked, & Available Quantities by Warehouse
  • Drill Down to View Anticipated On Order Arrival Dates
  • Drill Down to View Requested Ship Dates for Open Sales Orders
  • View Transactions for On-Order & Booked Quantities
  • View Inventory Item Images with Pinch-to-Zoom Support
  • Quickly Add Item Images Using the iPad’s Built-in Camera or Photo Library
  • Manage attachments on inventory items
  • Advanced filtering and sorting capability


  • Add attachments to customers, transactions, inventory, & tasks
  • View supported attachments directly on your device
  • Change attachment names and remarks
  • Delete attachments
  • Open attachments in other apps

App Settings

  • Select which AccountMate Company is Active
  • Control how many Customers and Transactions are Downloaded to the iPad
  • Specify Shipment Transaction Defaults
  • Manage Calendar and Reminder app integration
  • Quickly and easily report bugs