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We have an existing inventory item that we no longer use. How can I remove the item from our inventory records?

You cannot remove the item from your current inventory. You may move the item to historical inventory by archiving it. To do this, perform the following:   Verify that the following conditions are met:   The inventory item must not have any outstanding quantities...

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What will happen if I change an inventory item’s status from Active to Inactive?

Once the inventory item's status is set to inactive, you can no longer use that inventory item record. AccountMate will display the message, "Item # [XYZ] is inactive." when you attempt to use it to record inventory related transactions (e.g., Create Sales Order)....

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How can I use my prepayments to pay other posted Accounts Payable invoices?

Before you apply your prepayments against other AP invoices, you have to ensure that the prepayment invoice is already paid. Once paid, go to the AP Invoice Transactions ► Amend AP Invoice function and do the following: Access the AP invoice to which you want to apply...

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I attempted to review an existing bill of materials for a particular item # using the Bill of Materials Maintenance function; however, I always get the “Item # [xxx] is not available for use in MI module.” message. Why do I get this message?

Access the inventory item record and verify that the Work Order checkbox is marked in the Inventory Maintenance ► Information ► Used In area. This checkbox must be marked at all times for all items that are used in the Manufacturing module. If a bill of materials...

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When I attempted to create an advanced billing for an open sales order, AccountMate displayed the message, “All items have been completely shipped or require inventory acceptance.” I have verified that the line item in the sales order has not been shipped. How will I proceed?

Verify that the sales order line item is set to auto-acceptance. AccountMate will not allow you to create an advanced billing for an inventory item that is set to require inventory acceptance confirmation. To resolve the problem, amend the sales order by marking the...

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Can I set up multi-level prices without the Pricing Control module?

 It is not necessary to purchase the Pricing Control module to set up multi-level prices. To set up multi-level pricing, perform the following procedure: 1. Activate the Multi-Level Pricing feature in the SO Module Setup or AR Module Setup ► General (2) tab by...

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I want to update an existing kit formula; however, the Add and Delete buttons are disabled in the Kit Formula Maintenance function. How can I update an existing kit formula?

The Add and Delete buttons in the Kit Formula Maintenance function are disabled if the kit item has on-hand or booked quantities. You can only update the kit formula (i.e., add/delete a kit component or change the kit component's quantity) when the kit item's on-hand...

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I need to set up a particular deduction code for which the deduction amount and annual maximum deduction limit varies by employee age. How do I configure this in AccountMate?

You can configure this in the Deduction Maintenance ► Age Breaks tab. Please note that the Age Breaks tab is accessible only when the Use Age Breaks checkbox is marked in the Information...

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How can I post a non-customer payment and, at the same time, create a journal entry for the transaction? I do not have the General Ledger module.

The journal entry will be created when you post the non-customer payment. Perform the following steps:   Access the Apply Payment function; verify that the cursor is in the Customer # field; then, press Tab or the Enter key.   Click Yes in the "Are you posting a...

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